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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> it is big, it is strong, and it is barreling towards the us. hurricane matthew powers through the bahamas, where the storm is expected next, and the new information that sue just got in. >> plus: all quacked out? why you may not see the tourist ducks in philadelphia any more. abrupt change. >> i thought it was very cruel, honestly. >> it could have been any of my friends, too, so it was definately surprising. >> college student very, very shaken, after some robbers break into a home, climb in a window, and bound and gag a female student. but how she may have saved her own life. good day everybody, on this thursday, it is straight up 5:00 on october 6th, 2016. we have some good news, and we have some bad news, luckily the good news in our neck of the woods, sue?
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>> right. we have beautiful day in store, of course everything wants to know what's happening with matthew. see it coming through the a bahamas, right now, right through the central bahamas, in nassau right here. but if you look at this loop, you see this eye becoming very well defined, that's usually an indication of strengthening, as of the 5:00 update still at category three but stronger category three, shouldn't take too long before unfortunately matthew strengthens over open waters, the waters between the bahamas and florida back to very destructive category four. and then you see it taking a u-turn, and we will talk more about that coming up. meanwhile, we decided to go right to the double digits today. and gave you a ten, we loved yesterday. so, it will be just a smidge milder today, even with chillier start, some of our temperatures this morning, are in the 40's, so, just like bus stop buddy, make sure to have jacked or sweater on if you are waiting outside this morning, hardly any clouds showing up on our satellite
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radar picture headed to the airport, we have 58 degrees, very cool, not too much after breeze, 7:03 is your sunrise time, couple of visibility issues earlier, but it seem like they've resolved themselves. not seeing much if any fog out there, also, good thing, look at the mount pocono temperature, 38 degrees, and 40's to the north of us. but 61 down in millville. fifty-five in atlantic city. expect plenty of sunshine today high temperature of 75 degrees. doesn't that sound like a ten, bob kelly? >> looks like great day, great nap day for out on the deck. >> oh, ya. >> 5:02, good morning, liver lock at the schuylkill expressway, right near city avenue. no problems or delays at all into or out of city line. hello cherry hill. the mall in the background, route 70 working your way through haddonfield road. looking good on 95, no problems with fog, the roads are dry, so off to good start, some left over construction here on the turnpike, between valley forge and the downingtown interchange. and an accident, up in
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horsham, maple and easton road. easton road of course 611, coming in on the freeway, and 55 again, still have construction on 42 and 295, coming through bellmawr, as you work your way in toward the city. sue mentioned no delays at the airport, but traveling through the weekends, all of the airlines have travel advisories out, from the carolinas down to florida, they'll be steering those planes away from the hurricane, so make sure to check your travel plans, before you head on down to the airport. karen, back over to you. >> real good advice, given that we have so many millions of people right now, just getting ready for this storm. because it is already become deadly. killed 16 people, and caused so much major destruction in the caribbean. this morning, it is churning closer to florida, it is stronger, strengthening cat three, as sue was just saying, and evacuation orders are in effect all the way from south floured up a to the carolinas. >> it to has been crazy. we really hadn't had a chance to take a breath. there are orders coming down from all over the place to get
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all the local establishments, buttoned up, and all of the hatches bat orthopedics down so that we can ride the storm out. >> now, sue has been showing us some of the first bands of rain have already started to fall in florida right now. the governor has activated thousands of national guards men. and we haven't had a storm that had this much power in at least a decade. right now the president urging everyone along the err entire coastline of the east area to please pay attention, and to get prepared now. >> everybody needs to be paying attention, and following the instructions of your local officials. and if you get an evacuation order, just remember, that you can always rebuild, you can always repair property, you cannot restore a life if it is lost. >> and our fox 29 weather authority team is keeping watch right now on hurricane matthew. and will keep you updated on every move and every track, and we will also have live report from florida coming up. 5:05, in other news, ride
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the duck has stopped their tours on the streets, and also, on the waterways, as well. the company is saying, quote, they've suspended operations indefinately, steve keeley live from the race street pier. pretty abrupt change there, steve? >> reporter: at least they were honest and tell us why so abruptly. 330% hike in their insurance premiums was the main reason, they said, quote, not financially feasible to stay on the street of philly and staying business. and it is not tough to figure out why the duck duck boat insurance went up so fast. two deadly accident both on land and in the water in just five years. it was that fatal crash not far from us on the ben franklin bridge with a barge, than stalled broken down duck boat full of tourists on that morning? july 2010 killing two that had a $17 million settlement with the insurance companies for those families' victims. and the same law firm is now in court for the family of that texas doctor run over and
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killed by a duck boat across from the convention center in may last year. so, top lawyer robert, on both cases, long court for these duck bodes to be banned, reacted to the company's announcement saying fayly flawed, death traps on the water with their death trap canopy design, and driver peripheral vision, and now a safer sit. >> i steve, thank you. 5:06. another developing story. >> this one comes to us out of kensington, where there is search foreperson who killed a woman by shooting her in the head during drive-by shooting. this all happened on the 100 block of east sterner street. it was about 8:00 last evening, here is some video from the skyfox, above the scene right there. philadelphia police say the gunman was last seen in a green chevy trailblazer, pretty distinctive vehicle. right now investigators are trying to figure out if that victim was the intended target. >> also, police want to find two robbers who tied up a st.
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joe's student after they forced their way into her home. dave kinchen joins us right now from overbrook with the latest on all of this, dave? >> reporter: you know, some people in the area say it is a dangerous area. others say it is pretty safe. it all depend on who you talk to. we can tell you many st. joe's university student who live along the 5600 block of woodbine in this area where this home invasion happened, pretty shaken up as police search for the two men who tied up and robbed the female student, detective were back out working the corner of 56 and woodbine avenue, also, going to up 57 last night. looking for clues, investigators say, two men wearing masks got inside the victim's home through an unlock window, just before 5:00 a.m. wins. the thieves were armed with a gun and knife and through the victim in a closet while tearing apart her bedroom, we are told that they also tide her up and stole her iphone, ipad, wallet and her car. the st. joe's student thankfully broke free and able to get help. we are toll her car was recovered, but two the young
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robbers are still at large. >> we urge our students to work closely with the landlords to end sure that they have reliable and substantial locks, and this they are deployed on their windows and doors. and work with the landlords to install cameras, and robust lighting and to trim back foliage where site lines and light something obstructed. all every these things crib to a more safe environment, in the off-campus community, we are asking our students to do that. >> seeing that article was definitely surprising, going forward with maybe trying to live off campus, definitely something to take in account. >> meantime the director of public safety for st. joe's university also says they have boosted patrols and within the last hour we've seen public safety unit driving around this exact area, and philadelphia police also looking for the suspect. if you have any information you are urged to call philadelphia police. also, if you see anything suspicious, in this area, at
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all. back to you, karen? >> they patrol pretty well. i go by there all the time. pretty safe neighborhood. any neighborhood can be dangerous at any time. thank you. 5:09. fire investigators back on the scene today in trenton looking into what led to yesterday's explosion that sent two people to the hospital. the blast was so strong, it damaged two homes, this is wayne ave., and it forced people to be evacuated. there were two people that needed to go to the hospital, in order to be evaluated. >> it was like debris and glass and stuff in the house. and in the middle of the street. i had to bling couple of times like is this real. >> i heard allowed boom. the house shaked a little bit. >> now, this all comes as one day after similar incident happened in pattern son, where two multi family homes were blown to bits, destroyed, in a explosion, which officials say may have been caused by a gas leak. in bensalem, there is a 12 year old who was arrested in connection to the whole clown
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threat made on social media. police say this was a student who made these threats against shaeffer and snyder middle schools. the image post depict image, gun, knife and needle. they trace this threat back to 12 year old now facing very serious charges of terroristic threats, and also harrassment. police say the threat was only that, and nothing more. so far this week, police have identified at least three other children who they say made similar threats in our area. these clown incidents have become a whole issue across this country. it is 5:10. there is a mother now considering suing after her son who has autism wound up locked in a padded room at school? coming up: what happened and why the school says they had to do it. plus: we do have a brand new video, it is pretty disturbing. we will warn you, and show it to you after the break. keith lamont scott's final moments after he was shot by police in charlotte. why the chief there says he released this footage, even though he didn't want the
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>> 5:00 update in on hurricane matthew t has strength ends a little from when last we check. so, it is still a category three, but high category three, with northwesterly movement at about 12 miles an hour. and it is only 60 miles away
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from nassau, in the bahamas, of course, they're already feeling the effect there, in fact, there is nassau, there is the eye of the storm, headed right toward nassau. then eventually toward freeport if you have ever been down thereon vacation. now, we are also watching tropical storm nicole. butts that's spins just under hurricane status out to the east of matthew. and we will see if that ever has any influence, it could, maybe, into next week. but we see the path of this storm still strengthens to a four as it possibly could make several landfalls, in fact there is latest track of the storm has it so close, to the coast, that we may see it make landfall, maybe around daytona beach, maybe around west palm beach. but, with four status, it will be strong even if it doesn't. and then, you see, it still continues to make this turn, just off the coast of south carolina, in fact, little further south, making that turn, as of the 5:00 update. so that puts it even further away from us, if we ever had any doubt about the path of
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the storm, then it makes that u-turn, and goes back toward the south again. what happens after that, oh, who can say? but just to remind you, category four which we are expect to go see maybe by the end of the day today, 131 to 155-mile per hour winds with catostrophic damage with this kind of a storm, and power outages that can last a few months. that's the deal with. that will meanwhile, ten today. just expect more sunshine, high of 75. mid 70s tomorrow, as well. beautiful weather for us. rain coming on saturday. as we mentioned yesterday, this is not matthew rain. this is cold front rain that would have happened anyway, matthew, or no matthew, and it will happen. so we could use a little bit of rain. we don't like when it happens on saturday, bob kelly. i know you don't because you have kids who have games. >> exactly, unless you get that front row spot so i can sit in the car and watch the spot, i don't mine. just talking about the evacuation scene over yo down there on the carolinas, myrtle
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beach and the island where again all traffic going west. take a look at this, from an app called plane finder. that tracks all of the planes that are in the air. at any given time. look how they are avoiding the hurricane. here is the hurricane right here. here is the dominican republic, here is florida, and then here is the carolinas, right up the middle is right now where all of the planes are avoiding almost like major detour in the air going around the block in order to stay away from the hurricane. so throughout the weekend even though you may not be traveling to or from florida, any flights that go through the carolinas, or through florida, are going to be detoured maybe bypassing the cities and headed out west. if you know anyone coming into town they want to make sure you check with the airline. because they put the advisories out there, they're keeping all of the planes not only away from matthew in the air but certainly doesn't to be land nag airport that plane will get damaged or not be
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able to get out because of the hurricane. so, detours in the air. no problems on the roads at the moment. here is a live look at 422, right near the pennsylvania turnpike, 95, looking good for the gang out of the northeast, through the work zone, and hello to the admiral wilson boulevard, pennsauken new jersey right there as you work your way up toward the benny. off to good start this morning, but later on right after the rush hour they're going to take route one down to one lane between 63rd and wynnewood starting at around 9:00. karen, back over to you. >> thank you, bob. right now the fbi needs your help looking to find person who agent say may have some critical information. take a look. they say they have a sketch. and they think that he may know the identity of a child sex assault victim. there is a sketch on the left, that's been drawn, some partial pictures they have. if you recognize this person, please, call one-80000 call-fbi. community from our area in mourning. after that terrible fire that we told you about yesterday morning, killed a couple, neighbors say they had just taken their daughter to
5:18 am
college. medics desperately tried to save this mother and father when the fast moving fire ripped through their home on the 9800 block every bridle road in bustleton. forty firefighters battled the flames, about midnight on wednesday. they were able to pull the couple from the burning home. but they could not revive them. >> i seen the flames higher than the trees. i ran out. my neighbor was screaming. >> i cried. you know, can't help it. they're nice people. >> authorities have not yet released the names of the couple. the investigation continues. we do know the home did not have working smoke detectors. philadelphia police are trying to figure out who smashed the windows of more than two dozen cars in fairmount. at least 26 people had their car windows broken out, last night, along parish and popular, and 25th streets, that whole neighborhood. officers discovered the vandalism during routine patrols just about 5:00 yesterday morning.
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they're still investigating but say they do have a person of interest. >> it is 5:19 exactly. police in charlotte have released new video of the faith al police shooting of keith lamont scott. scott's family had been pleading for this to be released. as you might imagine, the video very difficult to watch. it can be very disturbing. in the new footage it, shows officers actually shooting him, and it shows the moments after he was shot lying in that parking lot with his handcuffed behind him back. he has three bullet wounds, officers use his t-shirt to try to stop the bleed willing. now, we are showing this video out of r for the family's wishes to put it out there. the city police chief said he didn't want to row least it but explains why he did. >> the family requests that everything go out. and i had the authority to do so at this time. i chose to do so. officers are going to make sure people are secure, that they're dealing with, and obviously that's a piece of it, everything else will have to be assessed in the
5:20 am
investigative process. >> that is the shooting right there. you can also hear police reference gun in the video, but there is a lot of key questions, where was the gun, in relation to scott, for example. there is a mom from michigan who says her son's teacher locked him in a padded room and left him therefore hours. her child has autism. the mother says her eight year old boy's teacher sent her a message that he had been acting up and was put in the room. the mother later learned he had been in there for three and a half hours. she is now considering legal action. >> call me to come pick him up because he had deficate dollars and urinate in the there. >> and they suspended him. >> oh. officials say from that school they've been in contact with the child's par don't address his needs, working to give him the best learning opportunities. going to be a lot more to that story. it is 5:21. your money news right now. your private e-mail, is it
5:21 am
really private? reports that yahoo assisted the us government investigators by scanning millions of incoming emails of so many accounts. now stirring up a lot of privacy concern. according, yahoo scale emails for information of interest to intelligence agencies. it professionals say e-mail scan is a major privacy concern. yahoo has fired back saying the report was misleading. in a statement yahoo says the software does not exist on their system. >> well, any doctor will tell you that it is october, it is breast cancer awareness month. early detection can be key to winning your battle against cancer. coming up how the fight now getting some help from 3d technology. but first, here are your winning lottery numbers, do have musical request. kc, this is for you. as prosecutors, we checked out pat toomey's record...
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>> going to the right hospital could add a year to your life watch they did, they used medical records. found roughly 17 years after a heart attack, average life expectancy was nine to 14 month longer for patients who had been treated at hospitals. expert say, when choosing a
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hospital, for care, if you know you have a heart condition in advance, shop around. so it will be best treated. and, there is a new era in better breast cancer screening. melissa newman shows us how the latest high tech mammogram is saving lives. >> when you get a diagnosis, like that, it is devastating. >> betty, was only 32 years old, and she went to her doctor to discuss a pain she was having in her chest. you know, you start doing your mammograms, in the 40's, so i thought it was something else. i never thought, you know, the big word, cancer. >> the only person in her family to ever be diagnosed with breast cancer, disproving the common misconception the diseases hereditary. >> breast cancer unfortunately what we call spore addicts, which means, there is no risk factor for breast cancer. so, this is probably the most startling statistic in that 60% of people who get breast cancer have no family history
5:26 am
whatsoever. >> but the battle against breast cancer is getting a technological boost al all of the dis know i health cancer centers. this machine called tomo synthesis is new type of mamography provides 3d detection of woman's breast, allows doctors to see things they may have missed previously. >> the beauty that far they take nine slices or nine pictures of a woman's breast. and they can get nine different views. >> while the tomo synthesis technique was not available years ago, she hopes women will take available of every resource they have available. >> it makes a huge difference when they catch it early. your survival rate is so high. >> in santa maria, melissa newman. >> we were just asking how it is important to get it done.
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if you been putting off like some of us, go do it. 5:26. get ready because hurricane matthew has got some new information on this one right now. the warning areas in our country are expanding. good morning, sue. >> yes, the storm is in the bahamas right now, it is headed right toward florida how close will it get? we'll let you know the latest forecast coming up. steve? >> one thing you won't be close to ever again on the street of philadelphia or on the river here is a ride the ducks boat. they are gone. we will tell you why.
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5:30. take a look what hurricane matthew has already done, the damage in haiti. now our country, homes are being asked to evacuate. where the massive and strengthening storm is expected next. >> also, a sudden shutdown for ride the ducks. overnight why they just pulled out of philly. steve keeley explain. >> and also, really scary for college student, two robbers that break-in through a window, anti-her up. but how she may have been table save her own life. good day everybody, on this thursday, it is already october 6th. thank you so much for joining
5:31 am
us. we have great weather news locally. we had this massive storm, new information on this, sue. >> right. the national hurricane center always issues update at 5:00. it was yesterday during the update we discovered the track of the storm was not going to bring it anywhere near our area. but we cannot say the same of course for the folks in the bahamas, and eventually, eastern florida there. still a category three storm, but showing signs of it is strengthening. and it is expected to be a category four as it skirts the coast maybe of florida or perhaps makes landfall. and if it does, that could change the whole trajectory of the storm. meantime, that is the projected path of the storm. away from us. so that's a good thing, locally, ten out of ten, our number of the day, bus stop buddy, has a sweatshirt on. and you want to make sure you have a jacket of some kind. because some of the temperatures are in the 40's this morning, some are in the 50's, so it is a little chillier than it was yesterday
5:32 am
at this time. nothing on radar. at the airport, the temperatures 58 degrees. 7:03 your official sunrise time. and we're not dealing with many problems with fog, as we did yesterday, and specially the day before. so, 75 degrees, can you handle that, bob kelly, for high temperature? >> yes, i can. good snuggle wet they are morning, too. couldn't stay that long. good morning, 5:32, kick those covers off. let's go, live look at 295 right near the 42 freeway, as you work your way into the construction zone, no fog this morning, even out here along 309. good morning flourtown. looking good here this morning, and no problems out of northeast philadelphia. so just starting to see the beginning of our morning rush hour. i just checked with the airport, most of the flights, if not all, from philly to florida, have been canceled. so the airline travel advisories across the country steering planes away from matthew, just check your itinerary, even if you're maybe not flying through florida, they're rhea sus g the patterns for the flights
5:33 am
over the next couple of days, roosevelt boulevard, inner drive block between strale and rhawn. so, watch for construction throughout the day there. up in horsham, an accident maple avenue at easton road. and then no delays on the freeway, or 55, as you work your way in toward philadelphia. mass transit looking good at the moment. karen, back over to you. >> we have been talking about this mass exodus underway right now from the southeast area all the way from south florida to south carolina millions of people are moving inland. this is the largest evacuation we've had since sandy. it is actually the biggest in florida's history. the governor sent urgent message to the white house, although i think we are look being at some scenes from haiti. and so this is the message the president had. >> please do not risk going out on the beach and trying to surf. again there is can kill you and we cannot save you. we are preparing for the worse we are hoping for the best and we cannot take any chances. based on the current forecast, i have now request president
5:34 am
obama to declare emergency declaration in 26 counties. >> you can see the people leaving right there. they are boarding up. fema sent a loft workers to its operation centers and activated the national guard. >> let's look at the scene from georgia where they also have massive evacuation that's happening there. now, they've not evacuated people there in 17 years. on the state's largest public beach tourists are told you got to end your vacation, pack up, it won't be safe. state of emergency has been delivered in 30 counties, the governor's urging everyone thereto be calm, and make good choices. >> and in haiti, this is 16 people have died because of matthew. ten of those deaths were in the area of haiti of the 16 overall. the hardest hit area of the caribbean, matthew made landfall there as a cat four storm, there is a lot of the area very flooded, they've roads and bridges that have been washed away. more than 10,000 people there are living in shelters.
5:35 am
they've also lost access to their phones, as well. all right, it is coming up on 5:35 exactly. pretty popular way to tour some of the sites by lands and sea in philadelphia of the ride the ducks, lot of people do it, you hear the quackers as they go through the town, and sing songs. but no more. all silenced, steve keeley. >> well, this is the spot where the duck boats used to enter the river until that accident six years ago. look at this. great view here under the ben franklin bridge, even at night, with the lights reflecting off the water. and it was frost river that the duck boats used to give tourists the great view of the city. but that all ended july 7th, 2010, 2 tourists were killed when their stalled broken down duck boat was run over by a barge. and from that day on, many in town wanted the duck boat business out of business here in philly, and that day has now come. the company put out announcement on it website yesterday siting a 330%
5:36 am
increase in their insurance premium here in philadelphia. and no surprise why the insurance went up so much. a second deadly accident on the streets. because they were banned from going on the water, so they just went on the street, and even another deadly accident at 11th and arch outside the convention center when a woman from texas was run over. that case is still in court. so, this puts 42 duck boat staffers out of work, the company says will try to help them with job placement and severance. robert, who represented the hungary tourist who is got 17 million-dollar settlement, in that case, and reps the family of the texas woman killed and the latest case which is still pending through the courtesies tell says you don't help tourism business here in philadelphia by killing tourists, and he's one who is probably leading the loudest applause of this announcement, that the ride the duck business is now out of business at least here in philly. karen? >> right. because it does operate in other cities. steve, thank you so much.
5:37 am
it is 5:36. the search is on right now for the person who killed a woman by shooting her in the head. it happened in a drive-by shooting. it was there at the 100 block of east sterner street. it was just before 8:00 last night. philadelphia police say the gunman was seen driving a green chevy trailblazer. investigators are trying to figure out if the victim was the intended target. >> and there is a search for two men who police say tied up a st. joe's student during a home invasion. investigators say, two men wearing masks got inside the victim's home because they came in through unlock window, all just before 5:00 yesterday morning. the thieves armed with a gun and a knife through the victim into a closet, while tearing apart her bedroom. then police say they tide her up and stole her car. the st. joe's student broke free, able to get help. we're toll her car was found, but the two young robbers are still on the run. >> it was definitely shocking. it was alarming, you know, because you feel safe on campus, and then something so close can just totally catch
5:38 am
you off guard. >> it could have been any of my friends, too, so it is definitely, definitely surprising. >> the situation obviously shattered the safe necessary in the community, we're hopeful that somebody does the right thing. >> in the meantime, the public safety director for st. joe's says they've increased patrols in and around campus, and if you see anything suspicious, please, obviously, call philadelphia police. if you know anything about this case. it is 5:38. carson wentz, we lincoln financial field him, obviously, yes, played for couple of weeks, we a bye. but the love affair is so strong from here all the way back to north dakota plus we've got another birds in trouble again. this is an off-sealed incident that happened down in miami. details coming up next in sport. planned parenthood. i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would
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ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> eagle linebacker nigel yesterday answered to gun charge he received on sunday, it is going to be second degree misdemeanorment likely not receive any real penalty. but two charges in four months will definitely get you in trouble with the nfl. bradham under fire, and he knows he has to make changes. >> obviously, disappointing, and i have to -- that's my responsibility, and i have to be way more responsible. two incident, being irresponsible, and that's why i'm in the situation i'm in
5:42 am
now. >> all that matters is carson wentz is doing just fine, receiving a lot of love from here to north dakota but right now he's just focused on detroit. >> people back there support the heck out of me, support the heck out of, like i said, here and in the bye's themselves, but it was all really good. you know, i'm very cautious about taking too much praise, i realize only three games, and we have a long way to go. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> it is 5:42. if you had take et cetera -- tickets to see the drake show in philadelphia next week, bad news, you will be disappointed. the injury that has the superstar pulling the plug on the big show. and also, right now so many people being told to get out of dodge. being evacuated from their homes, where the massive hurricane is expected next.
5:43 am
5:45 am
>> 5:45 on a thursday, live look at the freeway, starting to see the beginning after morning rush hour. riding in toward 295, and of course, the walt whitman bridge. out to king of prussia we go. live look at 202, no problems or delays there. again, most if not all of the flights out of philly down to florida canceled, that is also going to maybe spread over to the carolinas, as well. so do check with the airline. again, they sent out advisories yesterday, they're steering all of the planes away from the southeast coast,
5:46 am
so think about if you're maybe flying down the weaken or going down to pick somebody up, everything is like a snow globe. we'll shake it all up. horsham, crash, along maple, easton road, and sixth and fairmount. construction on the boulevard, inner drive closed between strale and rhawn. now, the track of the hurricane, and the good looking forecast for here at home, sue has it coming up in 15 seconds. >> hurricane matthew we told you starting to strengthen. these are all of the hurricane warnings, all the way through the bahamas. and we are just showing you the warnings, a lot of other watches up as well. the entire east coast of florida, un hurricane warning
5:47 am
for possible multiple landfalls, with this storm. and here is a track projected track of the storm, the future cast shows the storm moving up the coast with lots of rain. rain saturday, that's the reason one of the reasons that matthew will not be coming our way, high pressure blocking it right now. cold front will come through. another high will build in to continue to block that storm. and force it to the south. so, as we look at the projected path of the storm, lie at this, it stays category four along the coast, then makes complete u-turn, u-turn laverne as bob kelly always says, weakens to two off the georgia coast, one off the is south carolina coast, then goes south and then what happens after that, well, that is well into next week. that remains to be seen. so here is a look at live radar bringing light rain to eastern florida meanwhile back
5:48 am
here at home, chillier out there this morning than it was yesterday. 58 degrees, in philadelphia. thirty-eight in mount pocono. 38 degrees. one of the coldest temperatures we've seen in the mornings this season so far. temperatures are in the 40's pottstown, allentown, reading. sixty-two down in dover, delaware. so headed to 75. that's little bit warmer than yesterday's high of 71. seventy-four, is our high tomorrow. two, ten's in a rowment then un related to matthew rain, saturday, and then some sunshine returns sunday for our walk, monday columbus day, and tuesday, that's yom kippur at sundown tuesday, the weather looks good for all of those things. karen and mike? >> thank you, yes, you can hear mike is in the house. we'll get to him in just a minute. to political news, boehm tim kaine and mike pence back on the road, tim kaine will be in our area this morning, he was here yesterday, as women. candidates talking after the big debate, they have different opinions how things went while in philadelphia yesterday. tim kaine talk about his
5:49 am
opponent not defending trump in and in virginia pence spoke every insult. many thought that pence won the debate l asked, pence said donald trump won the debate. up next for the candidates, the presidential debate, the big one in st. louis missouri sunday evening, n we'll have full coverage. >> did you see this? the cast of empire taking out some of their time from their drama to be weighing in on the presidential race. what did you think? cast announced who they are back nag political ad. >> only one person in this race who said black lives matter. so many women and men died for us to have the right to vote. every time we sit out, we dishonor their sacrifices. >> i'm voting for hillary clinton. >> i'm tasha smith, i'm jesse, i'm tray buyers, grace buyers, and i'm voting for hillary clinton. >> i'm voting for hillary clinton. >> i'm voting for hillary clinton. >> lee daniels created the ads released during empire last night, i saw this explode all over twitter. he spoke of the democratic national convention, urging
5:50 am
young people to vote. so let he is know -- let us know what you think about that one, i know you will be talking with alex on good day. >> case for it in the past, which you will talk about later, yes, another big show that endorsed in the spring, i believe, hillary clinton. you. >> know drake lives in canada. so who is he endorsing? >> i don't know. >> prime minister trued owe? >> young active one. >> so drake, showing you the video because unfortunately he's had to cancel, he won't be make that show at the well fargo center. he had that ankle injury. and he told fans yesterday, he's got to postpone at least three concerts, did give big shout out to philly, saying to two philly you are among the loudest and showed the most love. no word when or if that show will be rescheduled. >> now, tell me if i'm wrong, wasn't drake just here? three weeks ago? sue, can you look that up? >> yes. >> drake had to have been
5:51 am
here, like three weeks ago. he's back already? but people do that now. if you're very popular, they'll do back-to-back to back shows. >> right. sometimes because they're not doing them in the same week. they have a date here, date later. >> because you don't have the venue, that many days in a row. so you come back. >> sell it out, come back. >> bike ands way cents was here during the summer, last thursday? >> exactly it, rained. >> and drake was here three weeks ago, sue? >> whatever you say. >> she wasn't even listening. >> i'm tracking a hurricane over here. >> i'm tracking a hurricane. >> now, you brought whole bunch of gunning or something. what's that big disman. >> this is a big bottle of goo. because it is the 30th anniversary of the show, double dare. and the star that far slow was the slime. so we'll slime people today. >> pranks, stunts, general mayhem? >> by people i mean -- >> you anal next. >> no, alex won't do it, no,
5:52 am
she won't do it. it is her hair. she just had her hair done after she got back from vacation, so we can't slime her. >> that's pretty big. >> because she is not a team player. >> well, following her baby? >> if we don't take the word utah out of this copy. i'm going to have slime down my pants. >> don't and cry baby. >> there is a man -- >> dad? >> he is a dad. this is going to be a long day. there is a dad. he got charged by the hospital for holding his own newborn. >> so what do you think about that? a lot of people think it is outrageous, let's bring in a lawyer to figure this out. hospital charging us for holding our own kids? >> ment had wants to make money, there charge you for anything like cup of cat error anything. they charge that dad for being in the delivery room, and holding his own child. charged him. >> i say charge kids for teddy bears?
5:53 am
>> hey -- >> comfort device. >> yes, exactly. there is a new movie coming out tomorrow called the account and the. >> it looks good. >> boy does it look good. it is creepy. it is about the finance world. there is sex. >> it has ben afleck andment director from our area. >> we don't have the stars on? >> he is a star. he is an oscar nominated award winning film. the guy from our area. he's got philly connections. >> i don't know if he's from our area, but he went to penn. >> i can claim him. he has really hot wife. >> i know his wife is, it is that the woman who does the quiz shows, what's that stupid show she did? everybody had to jump in water and stuff? >> creepy? >> creepy. >> all i'm saying, just drop out of school now. if you're really good looking. >> oh, please. >> all right, i got to tell
5:54 am
everybody about jason kelce. >> what's her name brooke something? >> that is it, brooke. >> oh, brooke burns. >> thank, see now couple of minutes. >> debut on reality tv, in the next hour, see his appearance, on his brother's show, why he knew this about finding love. ♪ it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up.
5:55 am
and that includes dinner. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. after 40 years of making soup at progresso, we've learned chicken is king. and so we're now using 100% antibiotic and hormone free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups. long live chicken!
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police come down to atlantic city and join us, first number of walks, the
5:57 am
walk to ends alzheimer's, it will be on the board walk in atlantic city. our own hang flynn, newest member of the team the mc. the next walk will be on saturday october 5th in wilmington, and final one here in philadelphia down at the bank, november 12th, we all hope to see you there. >> coming up next on good day. millions of people in this country are being told it is time to get out and evacuate. where the massive storm, that is strengthening, is expected next. plus, if you haven't ridden the ducks, may have maced your chance, should end shutdown, why the duck boats are being suspended, very abruptly. we will be back. i can't believe we're doing this. gus, you're not scared are you?
5:58 am
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>> hurricane matthew, evacuation orders already creating travel headaches, look at the lines, oh, for those hoping to escape the storm, we're live in florida all morning long. alex? >> plus, if you haven't ridden the ducks, most likely missed your chance. why duck boat tours are being suspended here in philadelphia. and, what led to this explosion? and collapse? investigators still trying to answer that question in trenton this morning. after two people are hurt, after their house exploded.


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